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Salary Benchmark Singapore 2009

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Report on Wages in Singapore 2008

The latest Report on Wages in Singapore by Ministry of Manpower was released on 30th June 2009. Below are some selected statistic tables to let you have a glimpse how well you're being paid.

Salary Benchmark Singapore 2008

This tool gives you an idea of where you stand among your peers by comparing your salary against the statistics from Singapore's Labour Force Report 2007. Simply input your gross monthly income, the age group and gender you wish to compare with, then click the 'Submit' button.

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PersonalDNA - Personality Test

Personal DNA is a new kind of personality test which is free, fun, fast and accurate. The test has been designed by a team of professional psychologists. It employs innovative answering techniques, allowing for increased accuracy and an enjoyable process.

Cost: FREE,  Time: ~15mins

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Career Style Test

Do you want to get some direction in your life and learn about what drives you? Do you need some guidance as to which path to take in your career? The Career Style Test is a tool to help you understand what drives and interests you.

Cost: US$14.95,  Time: ~35mins,  Questions: 348 

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Entrepreneurial Personality Test

Are you curious about whether you would make it as an entrepreneur? Wondering how you would cope and what you would be like if you decided to start your own business? The Entrepreneurial Personality Test will provide information both about which aspects of your personality are well-suited for owning a business, and which aspects could be problematic. In addition, you will receive information about your entrepreneurial style, each of which is based on Bill Wagner's book, The Entrepreneur Next Door. 

Cost: US$14.95,  Time: ~15mins,  Questions: 60 

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Locus of Control Test

Do you control your destiny or are you controlled by it? This test assesses your locus of control orientation and your attribution style.

Our attribution style determines which forces we hold responsible for our successes and failures. Both locus of control and attribution styles have a significant impact on our motivation, expectations, self-esteem, risk-taking behavior, and even on the actual outcome of our actions. What is your locus of control? What forces are responsible for your successes and failures? Are there some areas in your life where your orientation is more internal or external than others? Find out with the Locus of Control and Attribution Style Test.

Cost: US$14.95,  Time: ~15mins,  Questions: 47 

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Orientation System for Careers (OSCAR)

OSCAR, a research-based product from the National Institute of Education, is designed to provide career guidance online. It helps you find answers to some vital questions in career planning:

  • What types of career would match your interest and abilities?
  • What kind of work roles would suit you best in the world of work?
  • Which occupations would give you job satisfaction?

Cost: S$50 (for 30 days of usage).

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Work Style Assessment

What kind of employee are you? The work environment brings together a multitude of personalities. Some people are hardworking and dedicated, others make excellent leaders, and some, well, make us wonder why they were hired in the first place! The Work Style Assessment is an overarching assessment of your work personality – your ability to work with others, your attitude, and your work ethic, among other traits.

Cost: US$14.95, Time: ~30mins, Questions: 177 

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